Car Cleaner

Airline Entertainment Headsets
60,000,000 Units

Heart-Mate Exercycle

Casablanca Ceiling Fans

Fast Track Motorized Tie Rack

Perfect Order Drawer Organizer

Sankin Dental Chair

Ronco® Food Dehydrator

Herbal Brands

Grabbin' Grasshoppers

Tribbles, Star Trek®
1,000,000 Units

The Petster™

US Air Force Night Vision Gamma Camera

FoodSaver® II

The Playskool® Baby Monitor

Neopower & Magno Sword
1,000,000 Units

Puzzles and Brainteasers

7,000,000 Units





More than $1.5 Billion in Retail Sales

With products sold in more than 50,000 outlets nationwide and more than $1.5 billion in retail sales, the managers of America Invents have the experience to get your product to market. Here you will find a short list of products our team has designed, marketed and/or licensed. Does your idea belong in the company of these well-known products?

William Seidel, CEO and President
Mr. Seidel has 30 years of experience as an authority and lecturer on marketing and innovation. He has worked in senior management positions with leading corporations to develop and market brand name products.  During his career he worked with great entrepreneurs (founder of Atari) and leading innovators (co-founder of the Infomercial Industry). And he worked with marketing gurus, visionary business minds, international speakers and leading authors. He also executed license agreements with leading corporations and the US Air Force. He has consulted with the National Laboratories on technology commercialization, co-authored Commercializing Federal Laboratory Technology, served as a court-approved expert witness for product and marketing litigation and addressed the California Senate on direct marketing issues.

For more than fifteen years, he was a lecturer on the topics of marketing, entrepreneurship and innovation at the University of California, Berkeley. He wrote and instituted Entrepreneurship & Innovation and wrote and established the Berkeley Study Program in Direct Marketing. Prior to Berkeley, he taught Product Design and Product Development at San Francisco State University for five years.  He is a speaker and workshop leader throughout the country for the Innovation Conferences sponsored by the Licensing Executive Society, the US Patent Office, leading universities and government organizations. 

His favorite products are many including:
Dean Kamen's Segway rethinks short distance transportation and changes the way we do the things we do. Though the technology is brilliant the product and marketing fell far short of the planned sales. 

Jacques Cousteau was a prolific inventor and holds 16 patents including the Aqua Lung (now called SCUBA). 

Joe Pedott's Chia Pet, not because the product is great but because his marketing is absolutely brilliant.


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