Fast Track Tie Rack

Barbara was tired of her husband's ties being all over the closet floor. "I want something that goes around in an oval like they have at the dry cleaners to hold his ties in the closet." This was the birth of her invention.

This was the best time for Barbara to seek the help from America Invents because we understand how to develop products and get them to market. Before she went through the expense and time of getting a patent, America Invents set out to develop the product to make sure the patent was right the first time.

America Invents designed the first concept, then built the first prototype to make sure it incorporated all of the features that she wanted - even adding some that she hadn't thought of. With the help of America Invents, Barbara's idea has generated more than $60 million in sales and brought her millions in royalties. It is currently being sold to retail stores nationally and was also sold through The Sharper Image

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