Triazzle® Puzzels and Brain Teasers

Triazzle puzzles and brain teasers were very popular in the 1990's and sold through the Nature Company and independent toy stores internationally. The original licensee was sold and the new company decided to drop the product.

Dan contacted America Invents to assist in the re-launch of the product.  The Triazzle products were never sold through the mass channels of distribution, so America Invents set out to lock up a deal in this channel.  America Invents successfully licensed two product lines for a total of 16 products including licenses from Disney® Pixar® (Nemo, Toy Story and Alice in Wonderland), The Simpsons® and Kodak®.  This included sizable royalties and advances.  However the licensees didn't have the resources to develop the products in time so we also executed a sizable product development agreement.

The products were sold in mass retailers including Target and Toys-R-Us.

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