Perfect Order Drawer Organizer

Forrest came into our offices with a paperboard model of a series of hexagons for organizing a drawer of items; things like socks, undergarments and the like. We thought it was a good idea, but could be improved upon immensely. Things that came to mind were: patentability, manufacturing and shipping/packaging. We could not patent a paperboard hexagon, and the paperboard material would deteriorate over time.

We developed the product into a series of wavy plastic strips that had snaps built in. By snapping the strips together a customer could make any size organizer - custom fitting it to the drawer. The plastic strips were thin enough that they could also be cut to length. Only when the organizer was fully developed and carefully thought through did Forrest move to patent the concept.

Forrest decided to manufacture and sell the product himself. We helped design packaging and used our connections to launch the product - getting it into Bed Bath and Beyond, Lechter's Housewares and other retail stores. Forrest's drawer organizer has sold well over one million units and has made Forrest a lot of money.

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