"America Invents took Triazzle to the next level with big names like Disney.  I received two cash advances, a big development contract and will have my product sold internationally."
~ Dan G., Inventor of Triazzle

"America Invents helped me develop my original idea and now I have four products and regular royalty checks.  These guys really know what they are doing.  It is great to see the Stunt Streamer in stores and in the hands of my friends and neighbors."
~ Patricia H., Inventor of the Stunt Streamer

"I was an office manager with an idea to organize ties.  America Invents helped develop, market and license my Fast Track Tie Rack.  America Invents is a great company and I recommend them to anyone who has an idea they want to develop, license or market."
~ Barbara A., Inventor of the Tie Rack

"Being from Belgium, I needed a knowledgeable and entrepreneurial partner to license my Cerealtop™ product in the US. America Invents instantly took action and licensed my product in less than two months and I received upfront money. I recommend America Invents to inventors in any country."
~ Philippe M., Inventor of the Cerealtop

With the help of America Invents, my Personal Cooling System became an instant hit.  It's incredibly exciting to see my invention on TV and it's amazing to be making so much money from royalties." 
~ Ted S., Inventor of the Personal Cooling System

"Working with American Invents on my Scooter Bike was a great experience. They kept me informed about my invention and never hesitated to answer any question that I had. American Invents helped me take my idea and make it an actual product being sold today. Their staff was great to work with and I recommend them to anybody."
~ Eric Z., Inventor of the Scooter Bike

"I had been working with other marketing companies for five years before I found America Invents.  I actually make money working with America Invents, and my Handy Gravity Dolly™ is going to all the major retailers.  What more can I say, other companies took five years to fail while America Invents succeeded in six months." 
~ Franklin B., Inventor of the Handy Gravity Dolly

"I have had the pleasure of knowing Bill Seidel for over 25 years.  Besides being a successful inventor, Bill and America Invents have helped countless inventors see both their shortcomings and their true potential for success."
~ Lawrence J. Udell, Executive Director, California Invention Center; Prof. of New Ventures & Entrepreneurship

"In the first two years, America Invents sold 2,000,000 units of my product.  I highly recommend them if you are looking to establish a marketing and sales strategy."
~ Josh G., Inventor of the Splashguard

America Invents has been in business for 25 years. We take customer service very seriously and work with a selective clientele. We are an accredited business with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and have proudly maintained an A+ rating. If you have not already done so, we encourage you to contact the BBB for a reliability report by clicking below.

BBB Reliability ReportĀ for America Invents, LLC
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As with any business, from time to time, client issues arise. We always attempt to resolve any issues directly with the client. In a few cases, clients have felt compelled to file complaints with the BBB. Each time the BBB, as a neutral third party, determined we resolved the issues appropriately or that the complaints were unfounded.

Not satisfied with the BBB's resolution, a few clients have taken it upon themselves to file complaints with unrecognized and un-authoritative websites. They are websites allow people to post anything they wish, true or false, anonymously. These websites do nothing to attempt to resolve the complaints nor do they allow companies to respond in kind to the complaints against them. Some of these websites attempt to extort payments from companies in order to remove the complaints or to lower the ranking of the complaints on search engine results.

In 25 years, there have been only three clients who have resorted to posting their complaints on the abovementioned websites. In each case, the BBB resolved the issues and dismissed the complaint. Unfortunately, these clients felt it necessary to use one of the unauthorized sites to slander our company and to continue with their unfounded complaints, even when they realize they have no case. When you can't win in the court of law, some resort to the court of public opinion.

As always, if you have questions about any of the complaints on these websites give us a call and we will be happy to discuss them with you. There are two sides to every story but unfortunately these websites do not attempt to determine the other side of the story or allow companies to voice their side.

You should not rely on the word of a disgruntled client.
You should not rely on comments posted anonymously on unaccredited websites.
You should rely on an impartial, accredited third party like the BBB.

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